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Bagel Plaza A Delicious Slice of History and Quality

Bagel Plaza A Delicious Slice of History and Quality

In a world where fast food and convenience reign supreme, it’s refreshing to find a place that takes pride in its products and values its community. That’s exactly what Bagel Plaza, a family-owned business in Merrick, NY, has been doing since its establishment in 1962. Bagel Plaza is not just a bakery, it’s a slice of history and quality that has been serving the community for over 50 years.

The founder of Bagel Plaza, who came from a generation of bakers, brought his recipe of bagels from Eastern Europe. The store was the first bagel store on the South Shore of Long Island, and even though there was only a small variety of bagels at the time, customers were lining up out the door, anxious to taste those hot, crispy bagels that spread aroma around the neighborhood.

Bagel Plaza takes pride in using the finest ingredients and no preservatives in everything they sell, from their bagels, bialys, challahs rolls, ruggulah, and other baked goods to their delicious salads and cream cheeses. They do not cut corners in anything they do, whether it is day-to-day business or a special catering affair. Bagel Plaza’s staff is trained to give their customers royal service, ensuring that every customer leaves with a smile on their face.

In 2012, Bagel Plaza celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a huge renovation, bringing the store’s appearance up to Twenty First Century standards while still maintaining the store’s original charm. Bagel Plaza is proud to be a part of the Merrick community and supports all local schools, religious organizations, and charities. The store has also been a proud sponsor of the Merrick Little League for twenty-four seasons. Bagel Plaza’s facility is completely peanut-free, and their menu is under strict rabbinical supervision by Rabbi Martin Pasternak, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of kosher certification.

Bagel Plaza is more than just a business; it’s a family. Sam Asatur, the owner of Bagel Plaza, immigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States in 1987 with five people in his family and $700 in his pocket. He started off working at his friend’s bagel store in Forest Hills, NY, where he learned all his skills from baking to cooking. Five years later, he bought Bagel City in Merrick and expanded the business tremendously with a full line of gourmet appetizing, baked goods, and 56 different varieties of bagels and bialys. Sam’s mantra is quality first and freshness always. He makes smaller quantities of his products with the finest ingredients multiple times a day to maintain freshness.

Sam also prides himself on the quality of the food that he serves. There is not one piece of fish that comes in the door that Sam doesn’t taste. If he doesn’t like the fish, he won’t sell it. This level of care and attention to detail is what sets Bagel Plaza apart from other bakeries and restaurants.

Yana Hirschorn, Sam’s daughter, recently joined the family business after spending ten years in the finance/accounting industry. Yana graduated from Hofstra University with her BBA in Accounting and started her career at Deloitte & Touche before moving to the Beauty house Coty. Now, she hopes to continue the family traditions and come up with new ideas for menu items, catering options, and overall business growth and branding. Yana and her husband Gregg have two children, Olivia and Zach, and their dog Rosie, who love to come in on weekends for some delicious breakfast.

Bagel Plaza’s commitment to quality, freshness, and community involvement has earned them a loyal customer base that spans generations

. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Bagel Plaza is a must-visit destination. The store’s warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with their delicious food and friendly staff, make for an unforgettable experience. Bagel Plaza is more than just a bakery; it’s a place where the community comes together to enjoy great food and make memories that last a lifetime. So if you’re looking for a slice of history and quality, head on over to Bagel Plaza and indulge in some of the best baked goods Long Island has to offer.

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