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The Importance of Event Staffing: Tips for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent


Event staffing is an essential component of the event planning process that’s often overlooked. Finding the right event staff can make all the difference in the success of your event. Event staff serves as the face of your event, and it’s essential to select individuals that represent your brand and exhibit professionalism. This article aims to underscore the importance of event staffing, tips for hiring and retaining top talent, and how critical event staffing is to the success of your event.

Importance of Event Staffing

Event staffing is one of the most critical aspects of event planning. When executed well, event staffing helps create a seamless experience for guests and attendees. The following are some key reasons why hiring the right event staff is so important:

– First Impressions on Guests: Event staff are the first point of contact with guests and attendees. They set the tone for the entire event and the brand being represented. It’s essential to select individuals that are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
– Attendee Experience: The quality of event staff is directly linked to attendees’ experience of the event. Friendly and knowledgeable event staff can answer attendees’ questions and offer recommendations, creating a positive experience and reducing the number of complaints.
– Representing Your Brand: The event staff represent the brand being portrayed at the event. The right event staff should understand the brand’s culture, values, and messaging, and embody them accordingly.
– Enhance Success: The quality of the event staff is linked directly to an event’s success. From guest interactions and comfort to the behind-the-scenes work, good event staff can make all the difference in the event’s success.

Tips for Hiring Top Event Staff

Hiring the perfect event staff is a process that requires planning, strategy, and effective communication. Here are some tips for hiring top event staff:

1. Define Key Skills and Qualities

Before hiring event staff, it’s essential to define the skills, qualities, and experience needed for the event. Consider specific skills, such as communication skills, attention to detail or experience in certain roles, such as ticketing or security.

2. Identify where to look for candidates.

Identify where to seek candidates. Consider job search websites, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, or local community job boards. Another way of identifying staff candidates is through staffing firms that specialize in event staffing.

3. Creatively Post the Job Advert

A job advertisement should be creative, clear, to the point, and highlight the expectations for the event staff. A creative job advertisement can help attract and retain top talent for the job. Applicants should be directed to the necessary documents they may need to complete and submit for consideration.

4. Conduct Virtual Interviews

Interviews can be conducted virtually, saving time and resources. Hiring managers can interview several applicants online, assess their qualifications, and shortlist the most suitable candidates to invite to an in-person interview.

5. Conduct In-Person Interviews

Invite the top candidates to an in-person interview, this step will establish whether the interviewer and the interviewee connect, and whether the candidate meets the required standards. Interviews can be conducted in a formal or informal setting, depending on the event’s atmosphere.

6. Check References

Do not overlook the reference step before selecting an event staff member. Call previous work contacts, and carefully assess testimonials and previous work records.

Tips for Retaining Top Event Staff

Once you have hired top event staff, it is crucial to retain well performing staff members. Nothing is more costly and stressful than replacing critical event staff every time. Here are tips for retaining top event staff:

1. Create a Positive Work Environment

Create a work environment that is positive, fun, and inspiring. Incorporate workplace games and team-building activities to create an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation.

2. Competitive Pay/Compensation

Competitive pay is essential when creating a versatile work environment. Offering employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, insurance, bonuses or discounts shows that you value your staff.

3. Work Flexibility

Working hours should be agile, and flexibly adapted to employee needs with adequate notice. Ensure work life balance options are included in scheduling arrangements.

4. Provide Career Growth Opportunities

Provide staff with opportunities to grow their career and develop their skills through training, development, and certification programs.

5. Show Employee Appreciation

Showing employee appreciation is a key way of retaining top event staff. Simple gestures such as employee shoutouts, thank you notes or bonuses can boost morale and productivity.

6. Effective Communication

Keep open communication channels to ensure feedback received from event staff, that it is being acted upon, and they are involved in the processes. Engage in regularly scheduled seasonal training sessions to ensure the whole team is always up to date on the events processes.


Event staffing plays a vital role in event planning. Quality event staff can make all the difference in the success of an event, from ensuring a smooth process to creating a seamless atmosphere for guests. It is essential to invest time and resources into hiring top event staff and creating an environment that retains well-performing staff members. This article has provided tips for hiring and retaining top talent and highlights the importance of event staffing in the success of any event.
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