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Antonio Brown’s Cryptic Post Sparks Rumors of Ravens Signing

Antonio Brown’s Cryptic Post Sparks Rumors of Ravens Signing

Antonio Brown, the former wide receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been making headlines again due to his recent social media posts. This time, it’s about a cryptic message that has led many to speculate whether he is signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

The rumors started to circulate after Brown posted a picture of himself in a Ravens uniform on Instagram with the caption “I’m excited to announce that I’m coming to Baltimore.” The post was quickly deleted, but not before fans and analysts were able to capture it and share it online.

While there has been no official confirmation from the Ravens or Brown, the rumors have continued to swirl. Here are some of the reasons why the idea of Brown signing with the Ravens is a realistic possibility:

1. Past Relationship with Ravens’ Quarterback, Lamar Jackson

Antonio Brown has worked with Lamar Jackson in the past. In fact, the two were teammates at the University of Louisville. While Brown only played one season there, he still has a relationship with Jackson, and it could be a reason why the Ravens would be interested in signing him.

Jackson is known for his ability to throw deep passes, and having a receiver like Brown on the team would only add to the offense’s potential. Brown is known for his speed and agility, which could be a perfect complement to Jackson’s arm strength.

2. Ravens Have A History of Giving Second Chances

In the NFL, teams are often willing to offer second chances to players with a troubled past. The Ravens have been no exception – they have signed players like Michael Vick and Ray Lewis, who have faced their fair share of controversies.

While Brown’s drama-filled past might make some teams steers clear, the Ravens have shown that they are willing to give players a chance, especially if they believe they can help the team.

3. Brown Would Join A Team On The Rise

The Ravens are a team on the rise, and having Brown on the squad could only help them. The team finished the regular season 14-2 and won the AFC North division title. In addition, Jackson was named the league MVP.

With Brown on the team, the Ravens would be even more difficult to stop. Brown is known for his ability to catch passes in traffic and make tough catches look easy. His quickness and acceleration make him a threat to opposing teams.

4. Brown Has Been Keeping In Shape

While it’s been some time since Brown has played in the NFL, he has been using this time to keep himself in shape. In fact, he’s been training with Hall of Fame quarterback, Warren Moon.

Brown has been posting videos and pictures of himself working out, and he looks to be in great shape. Whether or not he’s signing with the Ravens, Brown’s dedication to staying fit shows that he’s still committed to playing football at a high level.

5. The Ravens Need More Receivers

While the Ravens have Jackson as their starting quarterback, they could use more help at the wide receiver position. Some might argue that they need another veteran receiver to help mentor younger players on the team.

Brown would be a great fit for this role. He’s experienced, he’s played in big games, and he’s been a mentor to younger players in the past. Brown would also provide the team with a deep threat that they need.


While the rumors of Antonio Brown signing with the Baltimore Ravens are just that – rumors – there are several reasons why it could end up being true. Brown’s past relationship with Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ willingness to give second chances, the team’s upward trajectory, Brown’s commitment to staying in shape, and the fact that the team needs more wide receivers are all factors that make the idea of him joining the team realistic.

Only time will tell if the rumors are true. In the meantime, fans and analysts will continue to speculate and debate what it would mean for the Ravens if Brown does end up signing with them.

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