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Ravens fans hopeful as Antonio Brown teases possible signing

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Ravens Fans Hopeful as Antonio Brown Teases Possible Signing

Antonio Brown is one of the most talented and controversial wide receivers in NFL history. He has been a six-time Pro Bowler, four-time First-Team All-Pro, and led the league in receptions and receiving yards twice each. However, he also has been involved in numerous off-field incidents that have led to his release from three teams since 2019, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Oakland Raiders, and the New England Patriots. Despite that, Brown remains a polarizing figure that inspires both admiration and skepticism among fans and analysts.

Recently, Brown has made headlines again, this time due to his social media activity. On October 19, he tweeted “Baltimore will Prove!.” He then followed up with another tweet that said “coming soon” with a picture of himself wearing a Ravens uniform photoshopped over his headshot. These messages sparked speculation that Brown might sign with the Ravens, as they have been struggling with their passing game, especially after losing their star receiver, Marquise Brown, to a hamstring injury.

Ravens fans have taken notice of Brown’s cryptic tweets and expressed their opinions on various platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. The majority of them seem to be excited about the prospect of Brown joining the team and elevating their offense. Some of the reasons why Ravens fans are hopeful about Brown’s possible signing are:

1. Brown’s achievements and skills: Even though Brown has not played a full season since 2018, his stats and highlights are still impressive. In that season, he caught 104 passes for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns, and was named the team’s MVP. He also had six consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards before that. He is known for his route running, speed, hands, and ability to make contested catches. Ravens fans believe that Brown could be a game-changer for their offense, especially as they lack a reliable receiving threat other than tight end Mark Andrews.

2. Brown’s potential fit in the Ravens’ system: The Ravens are known for their run-heavy offense, led by quarterback Lamar Jackson and running back Mark Ingram. However, they also have the potential for big plays in the passing game, as Jackson has shown improvement as a passer over the last two seasons, and their play-action game is lethal. Brown’s skill set, as a deep threat and a possession receiver, could complement the Ravens’ offense and create more opportunities for Jackson to showcase his arm strength and accuracy.

3. Brown’s motivation to prove himself: Brown has been out of the league for most of the 2020 season, after being suspended by the NFL for violating its personal conduct policy. He has been working out and staying in shape, and seems eager to return to the field. Ravens fans believe that Brown could be motivated to showcase his skills and redeem his reputation, especially as his future in the league depends on his behavior and performance. They also believe that the Ravens’ culture, led by head coach John Harbaugh, could help Brown mature and focus on his play.

4. Brown’s potential impact on the Ravens’ Super Bowl aspirations: The Ravens are currently 5-1 in the AFC North and are considered one of the top contenders for the Super Bowl. However, their flaws on offense have been exposed by some of their losses, such as to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Adding a talent like Brown could give them the edge they need to overcome their rivals in the playoffs and hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Ravens fans are aware of the risks associated with signing Brown, but believe that the potential reward outweighs them.

However, not all Ravens fans are convinced that Brown would be a good addition to the team. Some of the reasons why they are skeptical about Brown’s possible signing are:

1. Brown’s baggage and reputation: As mentioned earlier, Brown has had many off-field incidents that have marred his career and led to his release from multiple teams. Among them are accusations of sexual assault, domestic violence, and threatening behavior towards others. His behavior on social media has also been erratic and controversial, as he has called out his former teammates, coaches, and owners, and shared personal information that has been criticized as inappropriate. Ravens fans are wary of adding a player who could cause distractions, negative publicity, and locker room issues.

2. Brown’s salary and cap impact: Brown’s previous contracts with the Raiders and the Patriots were worth millions of dollars, and he reportedly wants a similar deal if he signs with a new team. The Ravens have limited cap space and other needs to address, such as the offensive line and the pass rush. Ravens fans are concerned that signing Brown could eat up too much of the team’s resources and hinder their ability to make other moves.

3. Brown’s fit in the Ravens’ culture and leadership: The Ravens are known for their strong leadership and team-first mentality, as exemplified by Harbaugh, Jackson, and veterans like Ingram and Calais Campbell. They value character, discipline, and teamwork more than individual stats and accomplishments. Ravens fans are unsure if Brown would buy into this culture and follow the team’s rules and expectations. They also worry that Brown’s strong personality and ego could clash with Jackson and other players who are already established as leaders on the team.


Antonio Brown’s possible signing with the Ravens is still just speculation, and there is no guarantee that it will happen. However, Ravens fans have shown their excitement and hopefulness about the prospect, as well as their concerns and doubts. Brown is a talented and controversial player who could either elevate the Ravens’ offense to new heights or create more problems for them. As the NFL approaches the trade deadline and the second half of the season, the Ravens have to weigh the pros and cons of signing Brown carefully and make a decision that aligns with their goals and values. Only time will tell if Brown’s tweets were just hype or a sign of things to come.


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