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Antonio Brown drops major hint about joining Baltimore Ravens

Antonio Brown is considered one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League (NFL). He has had a successful career, playing for teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. Recently, he has attracted attention for dropping a major hint about joining the Baltimore Ravens.

In this article, we will explore what Brown’s hint could mean, why he would be a good fit for the Ravens, and what challenges lay ahead.

The Hint

On October 21, 2021, Antonio Brown sent out a tweet that read, “Lamar let’s handle business.” This tweet caused a stir as Brown is a free agent and not currently signed with any team. It was seen as a hint that Brown was interested in joining the Ravens, and specifically Lamar Jackson, their quarterback.

Brown’s tweet came just a few days after the Ravens lost their top receiver, Sammy Watkins, to injury. Watkins is expected to miss several games, leaving the Ravens in need of a replacement for him. Brown could be that replacement.

Why Brown Would Be a Good Fit for the Ravens

Antonio Brown is a talented and experienced wide receiver. He has played in the NFL for over a decade and has been to the Pro Bowl seven times. He has also been named First-Team All-Pro four times.

Brown would be a good fit for the Ravens because he has experience playing with a quarterback like Lamar Jackson. Jackson is known for his mobility and ability to extend plays. Brown has played with a similar quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger, who also has the ability to prolong plays and make things happen when the pocket breaks down.

Brown is also known for his ability to get open and make big plays. This is something the Ravens offense could use, especially with Watkins out of the lineup. Brown has averaged over 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns per season during his career.

Another reason Brown may be a good fit for the Ravens is that they have a strong locker room culture. The Ravens are known for having a team-first mentality and prioritizing the success of the team over individual achievements. Brown has had issues in the past with his behavior off the field, but he may be more inclined to buy into a team-first culture with the Ravens.


While Brown could be a good fit for the Ravens, there are also some challenges that come with signing him. Brown has had a turbulent career, to say the least. He has been involved in legal issues, including accusations of sexual assault and a recent incident in which he was charged with burglary and battery.

Brown has also had issues with his behavior off the field. He has been a distraction for teams in the past, including the Steelers and the Patriots. The Ravens may be hesitant to bring in someone with a history of causing problems in the locker room.

There is also the question of how Brown would fit into the Ravens offense. The Ravens are a run-first team and rely heavily on their rushing attack. Brown may not be used to playing in an offense that doesn’t revolve around the passing game.

The Ravens may also be concerned about Brown’s recent lack of playing time. He has not played in the NFL since the 2020 season and has only played in eight games over the past two seasons.


Antonio Brown dropping a hint about joining the Baltimore Ravens has caused quite a stir in the NFL. While Brown could be a good fit for the Ravens, there are also challenges that come with signing him. The Ravens will have to weigh the potential benefits that Brown could bring to their team against the risks of signing someone with a history of causing problems.

Only time will tell if the Ravens will actually pursue Brown or if he will end up playing for another team. In any case, his tweet has certainly generated buzz and speculation among NFL fans and analysts.
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