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Antonio Brown Fuels Ravens Speculation, Is He Heading to Baltimore?

Antonio Brown has been creating some waves on social media and sports news lately, as reports and rumors swirl that the former Pro Bowl wide receiver might be joining the Baltimore Ravens. The speculative reports suggest that Brown could be a good fit for the Ravens’ offense, which could benefit from his talents as a top-notch pass-catcher.

The Ravens have not officially stated that they are in the market for a new wide receiver, but that hasn’t stopped fans and experts from suggesting that Brown could be a good addition to the team. Brown himself has fueled the speculation, as he has posted photos of himself wearing Ravens gear and has been exchanging tweets with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

So, is Antonio Brown heading to Baltimore? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence.

Why Would the Ravens Want Antonio Brown?

The Ravens offense, led by pro bowl quarterback Lamar Jackson, is already one of the NFL’s most dynamic and explosive. However, the Ravens have struggled to find a reliable wide receiver who can consistently produce big plays.

Antonio Brown is widely considered to be one of the best wide receivers of the past decade. He has accumulated over 11,000 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns in his nine-year career, and he has been voted to the Pro Bowl seven times. Brown’s speed, athleticism, and precise route-running would make him an ideal complement to Lamar Jackson’s throwing abilities.

Here are some other reasons why the Ravens might be interested in Antonio Brown:

– The Ravens’ current wide receiver corps is thin, with only a handful of proven veterans and a few untested rookies. Adding Brown would give the team a proven playmaker who can stretch the field and make contested catches.
– Brown’s versatility would allow the Ravens to use him in a variety of roles, including as a slot receiver or even as a running back. Head coach John Harbaugh is known for his creative offensive schemes, and Brown could give him even more flexibility.
– The Ravens have a history of taking on controversial players who have had issues off the field. Brown has had his share of legal and personal problems, including accusations of sexual assault, domestic violence, and battery. However, if the Ravens believe that Brown has learned from his mistakes and is committed to turning his life around, they could see him as a worthwhile gamble.

What Are the Risks of Signing Antonio Brown?

While there are plenty of good reasons why the Ravens might pursue Antonio Brown, there are also some significant risks to consider. Here are a few potential downsides to signing the former Pro Bowler:

– Brown’s off-the-field issues are well-documented, and there are concerns about his ability to stay out of trouble. If the Ravens were to sign him, they would need to be confident that he has addressed his personal issues and is committed to staying on the straight and narrow.
– Brown’s addition could upset the team’s chemistry. The Ravens have built a close-knit locker room culture, and bringing in a high-profile player with a history of causing drama could disrupt that dynamic.
– Brown’s performance on the field has been inconsistent in recent years. He was released by the New England Patriots early in the 2019 season after playing in just one game. He was also cut by the Oakland Raiders before the season even started due to his erratic behavior. There’s no guarantee that he can recapture his elite level of performance.

What Do the Ravens Have to Say About the Speculation?

So far, the Ravens have not made any official statement about the Antonio Brown rumors. However, head coach John Harbaugh did recently address the issue in a press conference.

“Antonio Brown is not a fit here,” Harbaugh said. “I’m not saying he’s not a great player, but he’s not a fit in the Ravens’ locker room.”

Those comments were somewhat surprising, given that Harbaugh is known for being open to taking on controversial players. However, some have speculated that Harbaugh’s comments were merely a smokescreen designed to throw off other teams who might be interested in Brown.

What Do the Experts Say?

Sports media personalities have been weighing in on the Antonio Brown speculation over the past few weeks. Here are some of their takes:

– ESPN’s Bill Barnwell wrote an article earlier this month arguing that the Ravens should not sign Brown. Barnwell cited Brown’s off-the-field issues and declining performance as reasons why the team should look elsewhere for wide receiver help.
–’s Gregg Rosenthal recently wrote that the Ravens are “the most logical team” for Brown. Rosenthal pointed to Brown’s connection with Lamar Jackson and the team’s need for a top-flight receiver as factors that could make the move make sense.
– The Baltimore Sun’s Jonas Shaffer wrote a recent column arguing that the Ravens should “kick the tires” on Antonio Brown. Shaffer acknowledged the risks but argued that Brown’s talent is worth exploring.


While the Antonio Brown to Baltimore rumors are still just that – rumors – they are not without merit. Brown’s talents would make him a valuable addition to a Ravens team that is already one of the NFL’s most dangerous on offense.

However, the risks of signing Brown are significant. His off-the-field issues, declining performance, and potential to disrupt team chemistry are all reasons why the Ravens might ultimately decide to pass on him.

For now, the speculation will continue, and we will have to wait and see whether Antonio Brown will end up wearing a Ravens jersey.
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