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Antonio Brown hints at joining Lamar Jackson in Baltimore

Antonio Brown is undoubtedly one of the most talented wide receivers in NFL history. Despite his unparalleled talent, he has faced a tumultuous few years in the league, with off-field issues and controversy overshadowing his on-field abilities. However, Antonio Brown has teased a potential return to the NFL, and this time with Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. In this article, we will explore the recent hints and rumors surrounding Antonio Brown’s potential move to Baltimore, and what it could mean for the Ravens, Brown, and the NFL as a whole.

Antonio Brown’s History in The NFL

Before delving into the rumors surrounding Antonio Brown’s potential move to Baltimore, it’s crucial to understand his history in the NFL. Antonio Brown entered the league in 2010 as a sixth-round pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He spent nine seasons with the team, becoming one of the most successful wide receivers in league history, earning seven Pro Bowls, and four All-Pro nods. However, in 2019, the Steelers traded Brown to the Oakland Raiders, following several contentious public disputes, including Brown’s frustration with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He never played a game for the Raiders and was released before the start of the season. Subsequently, Brown signed with the New England Patriots, but he played just one game for the team before being released following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Antonio Brown’s Recent Hints About A Possible Move to Baltimore

After a tumultuous few years in the league, Antonio Brown still maintains that he is committed to making a comeback. Recently, Brown teased fans and the media with a series of social media posts, which many believe indicate his intention to join Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. The posts showed Brown wearing a Ravens jersey alongside a picture of him and Jackson from the 2021 Pro Bowl. Additionally, Brown re-tweeted a video posted by Jackson with the caption “what y’all waiting for …. give AB what he deserves #StayReady.” Many believe these hints suggest that Brown could become a free agent and sign with the Ravens, adding another major weapon to an already impressive Baltimore offense.

Why Would Antonio Brown Want to Sign with the Ravens?

There are several reasons why Antonio Brown could be interested in joining the Ravens. Firstly, he would be reuniting with Lamar Jackson, a player he has a good rapport with. In the Pro Bowl, Brown caught a touchdown pass from Jackson, highlighting their chemistry, which could translate to regular-season success if they were to play together.

Secondly, the Ravens’ organization has a reputation for taking on controversial players, and Brown could see it as an opportunity to revive his career, similarly to the way the organization helped resurrect the career of Eric Weddle. Lastly, Baltimore’s offense is an exciting fit for Brown’s skill set. The Ravens’ offense is built around Jackson’s ability to extend plays and hit receivers on the move, and Brown’s quickness, route running, and precision would be a perfect complement to Jackson’s play style.

What Would Antonio Brown’s Signing Mean for the Ravens?

If Antonio Brown were to join the Ravens, it would undoubtedly be a significant addition to the team. Baltimore’s passing game has lacked a true number one receiver in recent years. While Marquise “Hollywood” Brown has shown flashes of brilliance, he has struggled with consistency and has battled injuries. Adding Antonio Brown could transform the Ravens’ offense from a grinding, physical unit into a dynamic, explosive offensive powerhouse. With the addition of Brown, the Ravens’ would have a receiving corps of Sammie Watkins, Marquise Brown, Antonio Brown, and tight end Mark Andrews, which would make it one of the most explosive and versatile in the league.

However, signing Antonio Brown also comes with potential risks. Despite his undeniable talent, Brown has a long history of off-field issues, including legal issues as well as behavior problems in the locker room that have derailed his career. Signing Brown could be a significant distraction for a team that has one of the most well-managed locker rooms in the league. Additionally, Brown would be joining an offense that is already successful without him. Integrating him into the system could prove challenging, and the risk of disrupting team chemistry may not be worth the potential reward.


Antonio Brown’s hints at a possible move to Baltimore have created significant buzz around the NFL. While nothing has been confirmed, fans, and NFL enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of Brown and Jackson teaming up to create one of the most explosive offenses in the league. However, there are potential risks associated with signing Brown, and it remains to be seen whether the Ravens will take the leap, and what impact it will have on the team and the league as a whole. Regardless, the rumors and speculation surrounding Brown’s future in the NFL show that he remains one of the most enigmatic and talented players in the sport, and his eventual return will be closely watched by fans and the media.
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