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Antonio Brown Sparks Rumors of Team-up with Ravens

Antonio Brown, a highly-talented and sometimes controversial NFL wide receiver, has sparked rumors of a potential team-up with the Baltimore Ravens. While the rumors have not been confirmed, they have generated a lot of buzz and speculation throughout the NFL community.

In this article, we will explore the various elements of the Antonio Brown and Ravens team-up rumors. We will examine the reasons behind the rumors, the likelihood of the deal coming to fruition, and the potential impact that Brown could have on the Ravens if he were to join the team.

Reasons Behind the Rumors

There are several reasons why the rumors of Antonio Brown joining the Baltimore Ravens have emerged in recent weeks. Some of the key factors include:

– Brown’s Continued Free Agency: Antonio Brown has been a free agent since September of 2019, when he was released from the New England Patriots after just one game due to off-field issues. Despite being one of the most talented receivers in NFL history, Brown has not been able to find a team willing to take a chance on him due to concerns about his behavior and legal issues.

– Connection to Lamar Jackson: Antonio Brown has a close relationship with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, whom he has worked out with during the offseason. The two players have also publicly expressed their admiration for each other, with Jackson recently stating that he would “love to play with” Brown.

– Ravens’ Need for WR Help: Despite being one of the most successful teams in the NFL in recent years, the Ravens have struggled to find consistent production from their wide receiver corps. The team’s top receiver, Marquise Brown, had just 584 receiving yards in 14 games last season, and the team lost veteran receiver Willie Snead to free agency.

– Positive Reports on Brown’s Health: In recent weeks, there have been reports that Antonio Brown has been working hard to get in shape and clean up some of the off-field issues that have plagued him in the past. Some NFL insiders have suggested that Brown could be ready to return to the field and make a significant impact for a team in need of receiver help.

Likelihood of the Deal Happening

While the rumors of Antonio Brown joining the Ravens are exciting for fans to speculate about, they are far from a sure thing. There are several factors that could prevent the deal from happening, including:

– Brown’s Legal Issues: Antonio Brown has faced a series of legal issues in recent years, including accusations of sexual assault and battery. While some of these issues have been settled, others are still ongoing, and any team that signs Brown would have to be prepared to deal with the potential fallout from these issues.

– Ravens’ Cap Space: The Baltimore Ravens currently have just over $7 million in salary cap space, which could make it difficult for them to sign a player of Antonio Brown’s caliber. While the team could free up some cap space by restructuring contracts or releasing players, it would still be a challenge to fit Brown’s salary into their budget.

– Ravens’ Focus on Defense: While the Ravens could certainly use some help at the wide receiver position, the team’s focus during the offseason has been on improving their defense. The team used their first five draft picks on defensive players, and they have made several free agent signings on that side of the ball as well. It’s possible that the team may decide to focus on defense rather than adding another receiver.

Impact of Brown on the Ravens

If Antonio Brown were to join the Baltimore Ravens, he would bring a unique set of skills and talents to the team. Brown is widely regarded as one of the best receivers in NFL history, with seven Pro Bowl appearances and four All-Pro selections to his name. He has also shown the ability to make big plays in key moments, with 9,145 receiving yards and 79 touchdowns in his 10-year NFL career.

With his speed, quickness, and strong hands, Brown would provide a significant upgrade to the Ravens’ receiving corps. He would be a valuable target for Lamar Jackson, especially on deep passing routes and in the red zone. Brown could also help to relieve some of the pressure on Marquise Brown, who struggled with consistency and injuries during his rookie season.

However, there are also some potential downsides to adding Antonio Brown to the Ravens’ roster. Brown has a history of causing locker room drama, and his off-field issues could distract from the team’s goals. Additionally, the team would need to find a way to fit Brown into their existing offensive scheme, which is based heavily on the running game and mobile quarterback play.


The rumors of Antonio Brown joining the Baltimore Ravens are intriguing, but they are far from a sure thing. While Brown would bring a wealth of talent and experience to the team, there are several factors that could prevent the deal from happening. Ultimately, it will be up to Ravens management to decide whether or not they are willing to take a chance on one of the most talented, and controversial, players in NFL history.
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