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Is Antonio Brown Heading to the Ravens? Here’s What We Know

Antonio Brown is one of the most talented and controversial wide receivers in the NFL. Despite his undeniable skills on the field, he has had his share of legal and personal issues off the field, which have led to him being dropped by multiple teams. In recent months, rumors have been flying that Brown may be heading to the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s what we know about this potential move.

Background on Antonio Brown

To understand the speculation about Antonio Brown joining the Ravens, it’s important to first review some of his background. Brown started his football career at Central Michigan University, where he was a standout receiver. Despite going un-drafted in 2010, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and steadily became one of the league’s top receivers. He led the league in receptions and receiving yards for two seasons in a row and was named to the All-Pro team six times.

However, Brown’s off-the-field behavior began to cause problems for him and his teams. He was suspended for a game in 2015 for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, and he was accused of sexual assault and misconduct in 2019 (although he denies these allegations). Brown’s behavior became increasingly erratic, and he was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2019. He was picked up by the Oakland Raiders but was released after a series of disagreements with the team’s management. Brown signed with the New England Patriots but was released after just 11 days when additional misconduct allegations surfaced.

Despite all of this baggage, Brown is undeniably talented. He has shown time and time again that he can put up impressive numbers in games, and many teams are eager to have him on their rosters. The Ravens are no exception.

Rumors of a possible move to the Ravens

The rumors about Brown joining the Ravens started to gain traction in early 2020. At the time, Brown was a free agent, and the Ravens were in need of another solid receiver to complement their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson. The rumors seemed to be fueled by comments from Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who said he was a “fan” of Brown’s and that the team would “see what happens” with regard to the receiver’s future.

However, nothing came of these rumors in 2020. Brown signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers midway through the season and helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory. Meanwhile, the Ravens struggled with injuries and inconsistent play on offense. But now, with the start of the 2021 season just around the corner, new rumors are emerging that Brown may be joining the Ravens after all.

Factors that make the Ravens an attractive destination for Brown

There are several factors that make the Ravens an attractive destination for Brown. Here are a few:

– The Ravens have a clear need for another receiver. The team’s top two wideouts, Marquise Brown and Sammy Watkins, both have injury histories and are not always reliable. Adding a talented receiver like Brown would give the Ravens more depth and options on offense.
– Brown has a good relationship with Lamar Jackson. The two worked out together during the offseason, and Jackson has publicly voiced his support for Brown joining the team.
– The Ravens have a strong locker room culture. Coach John Harbaugh is known for his emphasis on team unity and discipline, which could potentially help keep Brown in line and focused on football.
– The Ravens are a winning team. Baltimore has made the playoffs three years in a row and has a talented roster that is capable of going deep in the postseason. Brown may be attracted to the opportunity to play for a team that has a chance to win a championship.

Potential concerns and risks for the Ravens

Of course, there are also potential concerns and risks for the Ravens if they were to sign Brown. Here are a few:

– Brown has a history of off-the-field issues. The Ravens would need to carefully consider the risk of signing a player with a troubled past, particularly given the team’s emphasis on a strong locker room culture.
– Brown is 33 years old and has suffered injuries in recent years. While he is still a talented player, there is always a risk that his skills will decline or that he will miss time due to injury.
– Brown would likely demand a high salary. Given his talent and reputation, Brown would likely expect a lucrative contract if he were to sign with the Ravens. This could potentially limit the team’s ability to invest in other areas of need.
– Brown could be a distraction in the locker room. While the Ravens have a strong culture, there is always a risk that a player with Brown’s reputation could disrupt team chemistry or cause issues with coaches or other players.


Antonio Brown joining the Ravens is far from a done deal, but the rumors suggest that there is at least some interest in the idea from both the team and the player. The Ravens have a clear need for another receiver and a track record of success, which would make Baltimore an attractive destination for Brown. However, the team would need to carefully consider the risks and potential drawbacks of signing a player with Brown’s reputation and history.
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