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Sources: Antonio Brown In Talks With Ravens for Potential Signing

Antonio Brown, the former NFL wide receiver, has been the talk of the town for a while now. Brown, who was suspended by the league in 2020, has been looking to make a comeback into the NFL. There have been rumors of Antonio Brown being in talks with the Baltimore Ravens for a potential signing.

The news of Antonio Brown’s potential signing with the Ravens has sent shockwaves across the NFL world. In this article, we will dive deep into the various aspects of this news and what it could mean for the league.


Antonio Brown was once a top receiver in the league. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2010 to 2018 before being traded to the Oakland Raiders. However, he was released by the Raiders before the start of the 2019 season due to disciplinary issues. He then signed with the New England Patriots but was released by them as well due to off-field controversies. Brown’s last game in the NFL was in Week 2 of the 2019 season.

Since then, Brown has been trying to make a comeback into the league. He has been actively training and has kept in touch with various teams. However, due to his past controversies, no team was willing to take a chance on him.

What Does It Mean for the Ravens?

The news of Antonio Brown potentially signing with the Ravens has raised several questions. Will he be a good fit for the team? How will he impact their offense? What does it mean for the other receivers on the team?

Antonio Brown is widely regarded as one of the best receivers in the game. He has a tremendous track record and has been a consistent performer throughout his career. However, his off-field controversies have put a stain on his reputation and have raised several questions about his character.

If the Ravens do sign Antonio Brown, it could be a potential game-changer for their offense. Brown has exceptional skills as a receiver and would add a much-needed boost to the Ravens’ passing game. The Ravens’ offense is primarily focused on the run game, and the addition of Brown could help them become more balanced.

However, the Ravens already have a stacked receiver corps. They have Marquise Brown, Willie Snead, and Miles Boykin, who have all shown promise in their respective roles. Adding Antonio Brown to the mix could lead to a logjam at the position and could cause issues in terms of playing time and distribution of targets.

Furthermore, Antonio Brown’s off-field controversies could cause issues for the Ravens. The Ravens have a strong culture and have built their team around high-character players. Brown’s past controversies could create a rift within the locker room and could cause other players to question the team’s values.

Is It a Good Idea for the NFL?

The potential signing of Antonio Brown by the Ravens raises several questions about the NFL’s stance on player conduct. Brown has a long history of off-field controversies, which include allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

The NFL has been criticized in the past for not taking a hard enough stance against players with a history of off-field controversies. The league has been accused of putting the onus on individual teams to make decisions about signing players with a history of misconduct.

The potential signing of Antonio Brown by the Ravens could be seen as the NFL once again turning a blind eye to player misconduct. It could also send a wrong message to other players, who may feel that they can get away with similar behavior without facing consequences.

However, it is worth noting that Antonio Brown has served his suspension and has been participating in the league’s counseling and treatment program. If he is able to stay out of trouble, he could be a valuable addition to any team.


The potential signing of Antonio Brown by the Ravens is a topic of great discussion in the NFL world. While there are several arguments in favor of the signing, there are also several concerns. The Ravens’ decision to potentially sign Brown will have major implications for the team’s offense and culture, as well as for the NFL’s stance on player conduct.

It remains to be seen whether the Ravens will ultimately decide to sign Antonio Brown. However, one thing is clear: if Brown is able to stay out of trouble and return to his previous form, he could be a difference-maker for any team he plays for. Ultimately, whether or not the Ravens sign him, it will be interesting to see how Antonio Brown’s career unfolds from here on.
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