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Antonio Brown Drops Huge Hint on Joining Baltimore Ravens

Antonio Brown, the former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver who has been in the news for his off-field antics in recent years, recently dropped a huge hint on social media that he may be joining the Baltimore Ravens. This has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation among football fans and pundits alike.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the social media post in question, examine what it might mean for Antonio Brown’s future in the NFL, and explore the potential implications of him joining the Ravens. We will also consider some of the pros and cons of such a move, as well as the reactions of other players and fans.

The Social Media Post

On June 22, 2021, Antonio Brown posted a photo on his Instagram account that showed him in a Ravens uniform. While the photo was obviously photoshopped, it was clear from the caption that Brown was hinting at something.

The caption read, “Real business boomin in Baltimore… time to focus.” The post quickly went viral, with many fans and media outlets speculating that Brown was signaling his intention to sign with the Ravens.

However, it should be noted that Brown has a history of erratic behavior on social media, and it is possible that the post was simply a joke or a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, the fact that he chose to specifically reference the Ravens in his post suggests that there may be some truth to the rumors.

What It Means for Antonio Brown

If Antonio Brown does indeed sign with the Ravens, it could mark a major turning point in his career. Brown was once one of the most dominant wide receivers in the NFL, but his off-field issues have derailed his career in recent years.

He was released by the New England Patriots in 2019 after just one game amid allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. He also had a public falling out with the Steelers, which led to him being traded to the Oakland Raiders in 2019, where he had a tumultuous stint before being released.

Despite these issues, Brown is still regarded as one of the most talented wide receivers in the league, and there are many teams who would be willing to take a chance on him. If he is able to stay out of trouble off the field, he could potentially revive his career with the Ravens.

The Pros and Cons of Signing with the Ravens

There are many potential benefits to Antonio Brown signing with the Ravens. For one thing, he would be joining a team that has a strong track record of success, with multiple Super Bowl championships to their name.

The Ravens also have a talented quarterback in Lamar Jackson, who has shown himself to be one of the most dynamic and explosive players in the NFL. With Brown on the roster, Jackson would have another reliable target to throw to, which could make the Ravens’ offense even more dangerous.

Additionally, joining the Ravens would give Brown a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of NFL fans and football pundits. If he is able to stay out of trouble and perform well on the field, it could help to rehabilitate his image and pave the way for future opportunities.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to signing with the Ravens. For one thing, the team already has a number of talented wide receivers on their roster, including Marquise Brown, Sammy Watkins, and Rashod Bateman.

This means that Antonio Brown might not get as many opportunities to catch passes as he would on other teams. Additionally, the Ravens have a reputation for being a run-heavy team, which could limit Brown’s chances to showcase his abilities as a receiver.

There is also the question of how Brown’s off-field issues would affect the team. The Ravens have a strong culture of accountability and discipline, and it is unclear whether Brown would be able to fit into that culture and avoid causing distractions.

The Reactions of Other Players and Fans

Since Antonio Brown posted his Instagram photo, there has been a lot of reaction from other players and fans. Some have expressed excitement at the possibility of Brown joining the Ravens, while others have expressed skepticism or outright opposition.

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey tweeted a single emoji in response to the photo: 🤔. This suggests that he may be unsure about the potential signing, or that he simply doesn’t want to say too much about it.

Other players, such as former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, have talked about the potential benefits of having Brown on the team. Lewis told TMZ Sports that Brown could be a “game-changer” for the Ravens and that he would be welcome on the team if he can stay out of trouble.

Fans have also been weighing in on the rumors, with some expressing excitement and others expressing concerns about Brown’s history of off-field issues. Ultimately, the decision to sign Brown will be up to the Ravens’ front office, and it remains to be seen whether they will take the risk.


Antonio Brown’s Instagram post has sparked a lot of speculation and discussion about his potential future with the Baltimore Ravens. While nothing is certain at this point, it is clear that Brown still has a lot of talent and potential as a wide receiver.

If he is able to stay out of trouble off the field and perform well on the field, he could potentially revive his career with the Ravens and help the team compete for another Super Bowl championship. However, there are also risks involved in signing Brown, and it remains to be seen whether the Ravens will take the plunge.
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