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Ravens fans react to Antonio Brown’s social media hint about joining the team

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Ravens Fans Debate Antonio Brown’s Possible Arrival

Antonio Brown is one of the most talented and controversial wide receivers in NFL history. After being released by the New England Patriots in September 2019 following allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, and serving an eight-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy in 2020, Brown played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a Super Bowl ring alongside his former quarterback Tom Brady. However, Brown’s one-year contract with the Buccaneers expired in March 2021, and he has been a free agent since then, despite reportedly receiving interest from several teams.

On July 22, 2021, Brown posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, showing a Photoshopped image of himself in a Ravens uniform with the caption “real soon.” This sparked rumors and reactions among fans, media, and analysts about whether Brown was hinting that he was close to signing with the Ravens, or just trolling the world as he often does. The Ravens, who have been seeking to upgrade their receiving corps after losing several key players in the offseason, including Willie Snead, Dez Bryant, and Chris Moore, have not made any official comment on Brown’s post or his potential interest.

The potential addition of Brown to the Ravens could have both positive and negative impacts on the team, its culture, and its reputation. In this article, we will explore some of the main arguments for and against Brown joining the Ravens, based on the reactions of Ravens fans on social media, forums, and blogs, as well as some expert opinions and data.

Positive Arguments

1. Brown is a Proven Talent

One of the most persuasive arguments for signing Brown is that he is a widely acknowledged football genius who has put up remarkable numbers throughout his career, despite facing various challenges on and off the field. Brown has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times, has led the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns in different seasons, and has been among the most consistent and explosive receivers in the league. He has shown that he can perform at a high level with different quarterbacks and systems, and can create mismatches and big plays even against elite defenses. If the Ravens can get the best out of Brown, they could have a formidable duo with him and reigning MVP Lamar Jackson.

– Brown’s career highlights and records
– Brown’s chemistry with Brady in the playoffs
– Brown’s potential role in the Ravens’ offense

2. Brown Could Boost the Ravens’ Super Bowl Chances

Another argument for signing Brown is that he could help the Ravens overcome some of their weaknesses and challenges and become a legitimate contender for the Lombardi Trophy. The Ravens have made the playoffs in the past three seasons, but have struggled to make deep runs or win marquee games, partly due to their inconsistent and limited passing game. By adding a proven playmaker like Brown, the Ravens could increase their options and threats, and improve their red zone efficiency, third-down conversion rate, and overall points per game. Brown has experience in big games and can deliver clutch catches and touchdowns when needed, as evidenced by his performance in the Super Bowl LV. If the Ravens can harness Brown’s talent and energy, they could become a dangerous team to face in the playoffs.

– The Ravens’ playoff record under Jackson
– The Ravens’ passing statistics in the 2020 season
– The impact of other veteran receivers on their new teams

3. Brown Deserves a Second Chance

A possible moral argument for signing Brown is that he has served his punishment and deserves a chance to redeem himself and show that he can be a responsible and respectful teammate and citizen. While Brown’s legal cases and controversies have not been resolved or forgotten, some people believe that everyone deserves to be judged on their own merit and not just their past mistakes. Brown has expressed remorse for his actions and has reportedly sought counseling and support to address his behavior and mental health. If the Ravens can provide a supportive and structured environment for Brown to continue his growth and development, they could help him become a positive influence in the locker room and in the community.

– Brown’s apology to the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft
– Brown’s efforts to raise awareness about mental health
– The role of sports teams in helping players overcome personal issues

Negative Arguments

1. Brown is a Divisive and Distracting Figure

One of the most common arguments against signing Brown is that he is a volatile, egotistical, and disruptive force who can undermine team unity, chemistry, and morale. Brown has been involved in several incidents that have led to his suspension, trade, and release from different teams, including public outbursts, social media feuds, missed practices, and legal issues. Brown has also criticized some of his former or current employers and teammates, which could create tension and mistrust in the Ravens’ locker room, especially if he doesn’t get enough targets or attention. Brown’s style of play, which relies heavily on improvisation and freelancing, could also clash with the Ravens’ run-heavy and play-action-oriented offense.

– Brown’s social media posts about his perceived mistreatment by the NFL
– Brown’s legal issues and unresolved allegations
– Brown’s locker room dynamics with the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots

2. Brown Could Hurt the Ravens’ Culture and Reputation

Another argument against signing Brown is that he could compromise the Ravens’ core values and image, which have been built on hard work, discipline, and respect. The Ravens have prided themselves on having a strong culture that emphasizes team over individual egos, and have instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in their players, coaches, and staff. By bringing in a player like Brown, who has a history of flouting the norms and expectations of his teams, the Ravens could send a mixed message to their fans, rivals, and potential recruits. Brown’s reputation for being a diva, a troublemaker, and a prima donna could also deter some free agents from considering the Ravens as a desirable destination.

– The Ravens’ culture under head coach John Harbaugh
– The Ravens’ history of standing up against domestic violence
– The perception of the Ravens’ fanbase and market

3. Brown is Not a Long-Term Solution

A practical argument against signing Brown is that he is not a sustainable or reliable option for the Ravens, who need to rebuild their receiving corps for the future. Brown is 33 years old, which is considered old for a receiver, especially one who has had as much wear and tear as he has. Brown also has a history of injuries, including a torn ACL in 2019 that sidelined him for the rest of the season. While Brown’s talent is undeniable, his durability and longevity are questionable, and could limit the Ravens’ ability to develop younger talents and maintain continuity in their passing game. Moreover, Brown’s presence could create salary cap issues and force the Ravens to either cut or trade other players to make room for him.

– The Ravens’ needs and challenges in the 2021 season and beyond
– The importance of having a balanced and diverse receiving corps
– The impact of aging on receiver performance and health


The debate about whether the Ravens should sign Antonio Brown is not just a matter of personal preference or opinion, but also a reflection of the team’s goals, values, and context. Ravens fans and experts have different views and reasons for supporting or opposing Brown’s potential arrival, based on their understanding of the game, the team, and the broader social and ethical issues. While it is unclear whether the Ravens are actually interested in Brown, and whether Brown is a good fit for the Ravens, it is certain that his post has generated a buzz and a conversation that will continue until a resolution is reached. Ultimately, the Ravens will need to weigh the risks and rewards of signing Brown, and make a decision that aligns with their vision and mission as a football franchise.
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