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The Ravens’ Offense just Got a Major Upgrade with Antonio Brown on Board

The Ravens have been one of the NFL’s most exciting and dominant teams in recent years, with a potent combination of star quarterbacks, elite running backs, and a dominant defense led by the likes of Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis.

However, one area that has always seemed to hold the team back has been their offense. Despite having a wealth of talent on that side of the ball, the Ravens have often struggled to put up points and consistently move the ball down the field.

But all of that could be about to change with the addition of Antonio Brown to the Ravens’ already impressive roster.

Here are just a few of the ways that Antonio Brown is going to help make the Ravens’ offense even better than it already was:

1. A reliable target for Lamar Jackson

One of the biggest challenges that Lamar Jackson has faced during his NFL career has been finding consistent weapons to throw to. While he has shown flashes of brilliance with a variety of receivers, he has yet to find that one player who he can rely on to consistently make big plays.

Antonio Brown could be just that player. Known for his precise route-running, strong hands, and ability to make tough catches in traffic, Brown is one of the most reliable receivers in the league when it comes to making plays in the passing game.

With Brown on board, Jackson will have a reliable and dynamic target that he can look to on every passing play.

2. A deep threat to stretch the field

Another area where the Ravens have struggled in recent years has been with their ability to stretch the field and create big plays down the field. While they have had some success with speedsters like Marquise Brown and Willie Snead, they have lacked a true deep threat who can take the top off the defense.

Antonio Brown is known for his ability to burn defenses with his speed and quickness, making him the perfect deep threat to round out the Ravens’ offensive attack.

With Brown lining up on the outside, defenses are going to have to respect his ability to get behind the coverage, opening up more opportunities for the Ravens’ talented running backs and tight ends to make plays in the short and intermediate passing game.

3. An expert at creating yards after the catch

In addition to his ability to make tough catches and stretch the field, Antonio Brown is also one of the best players in the league when it comes to creating yards after the catch.

With his quickness and elusiveness in the open field, Brown is able to turn short receptions into big gains, consistently breaking tackles and making defenders miss.

This ability to create yards after the catch is going to be crucial for the Ravens in creating a more dynamic and explosive offense. By getting the ball into the hands of Brown and allowing him to make plays in space, the Ravens can keep their opponents on their heels and force them to respect every aspect of their offensive attack.

4. A proven winner with a wealth of playoff experience

Finally, Antonio Brown brings with him a wealth of playoff experience and a proven track record of success in the most high-pressure situations.

Brown has been to three Super Bowls during his career, winning two of them, and has consistently been one of the most dominant players in the league during the postseason.

This experience and success is going to be invaluable for the Ravens as they continue to build their championship-caliber team. With Brown on board, the team has a player who knows what it takes to win in the clutch, and who can help drive them to even greater success in the years to come.


All in all, there is no denying that the addition of Antonio Brown is a major upgrade for the Ravens’ offense. With his dynamic playmaking ability, deep threat potential, and proven track record of success, he is going to be a crucial piece of the puzzle as the team looks to continue to dominate on both sides of the ball.

Whether it’s making tough catches in traffic, burning defenders down the field, or creating yards after the catch, Brown is a player who has the potential to make a huge impact in every aspect of the Ravens’ offensive attack.

So with the addition of Antonio Brown, the Ravens have taken a big step forward in their quest to become one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. And as fans and analysts alike look ahead to the coming season, it’s clear that the sky is the limit for this talented and exciting team.

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