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A Good Bartender for your Event

A Good Bartender for your Event
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To throw a successful private party, there are three essential things to consider: good music, lively guests, and a stocked bar with a skilled bartender who can prepare drinks while ensuring responsible alcohol consumption. Instead of running around trying to serve drinks, hiring a private party bartender can save time, money, and allow you to enjoy your own party.

When planning your next event, there are several details to keep in mind. First, it’s important to set a firm date, time, and place to ensure availability of the bartending staff. You should also consider whether the bartender is licensed or certified and how much experience they have in preparing basic or elaborate cocktails. If you plan on having a signature cocktail, it’s helpful to inform the bartender ahead of time and finalize the shopping list based on your budget, number of guests, and specialty drinks.

To determine how many bartenders you need, a good ratio is one for every 50 to 75 guests, and you should discuss the dress code and underage guest policy with the bartenders. Finally, it’s crucial to decide on the details ahead of time, such as the point of contact and how to handle tips, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

By following these tips and hiring a professional bartender, you can sit back and enjoy your event while the bartenders take care of the rest.

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