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Antonio Brown teases Ravens fans with possible signing announcement

Antonio Brown Teases Ravens Fans with Possible Signing Announcement

Antonio Brown, the six-time NFL Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro, has been making headlines recently with his social media posts teasing a potential return to the NFL. While Brown was once considered one of the best wide receivers in the league, off-field issues have derailed his career in recent years, leading to his release from the New England Patriots in September 2019.

However, there has been renewed interest in Brown in recent months, with several NFL teams reportedly considering signing him for the upcoming 2021 season. One team that has been linked to Brown in particular is the Baltimore Ravens, who are in need of a dependable pass-catcher to complement quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Brown has been teasing Ravens fans with hints about a potential signing announcement on his social media accounts in recent weeks, sparking speculation about whether he will indeed join the team.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Brown’s recent social media activity and explore the possible implications of a Ravens signing. We’ll also delve into Brown’s controversial past and examine why some teams may be hesitant to bring him on board.

Antonio Brown’s Social Media Teasers

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that Brown may be considering a Ravens signing is a recent Instagram post he shared with his 4.1 million followers. The post featured a photo of Brown wearing a Ravens helmet Photoshopped over his face, with the caption “back to business” and a tagging of the Ravens’ official Instagram page.

This post generated significant buzz among Ravens fans, with many speculating that Brown was hinting at an imminent signing with the team. However, no official announcement has been made as of yet, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any further developments.

Brown has also been active on Twitter in recent weeks, sharing a number of cryptic messages that could potentially be interpreted as hints about his future plans. For example, he tweeted on June 21st, “the legacy not done yet” along with a photo of himself catching a touchdown pass during his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While such posts could be seen as mere speculation, Brown’s track record suggests that he is the type of player who enjoys generating buzz and hype on social media. Whether these teases ultimately lead to a Ravens signing remains to be seen, but Brown has certainly succeeded in getting people talking.

The Potential Upside of a Ravens Signing

Assuming that the Ravens do decide to bring Brown on board, what benefits could he bring to the team? For starters, Brown’s on-field talent is undeniable. He is a highly skilled receiver who has amassed over 11,000 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns in his career, cementing his status as one of the most productive receivers in NFL history.

Additionally, Brown has demonstrated the ability to elevate his play in high-pressure situations, making him a valuable asset in playoff matchups. In 11 playoff games, Brown has racked up 837 receiving yards and scored four touchdowns, showcasing his ability to step up in crucial moments.

Perhaps most importantly, Brown would provide the Ravens with a much-needed weapon in their passing game. While the team has enjoyed considerable success in recent years thanks to their run-first offense led by Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have struggled to find consistent receiving options outside of tight end Mark Andrews. Adding Brown to the mix could give Jackson another reliable target to throw to, providing a much-needed boost for the team’s passing attack.

Of course, there are plenty of concerns about Brown’s suitability for the Ravens. As we’ll explore in the next section, his tumultuous past could make some teams hesitant to bring him on board.

The Concerns About Brown’s Past

While Brown’s on-field talent is undeniable, there are plenty of questions about his off-field behavior that could make some teams hesitant to sign him. Since his release from the Patriots in 2019, Brown has been embroiled in a legal battle with his former trainer over allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

In addition to these legal woes, Brown has also displayed questionable behavior on social media, including a number of instances where he has lashed out at coaches and teammates. These incidents have raised concerns about Brown’s ability to fit in with a team’s culture and work collaboratively with his fellow players.

Furthermore, Brown’s history of erratic behavior could make teams concerned about his ability to stay focused and committed to the game. Brown has been known to create distractions with his off-field antics, which could potentially disrupt the team’s chemistry and harm their chances of success.

Given these concerns, it’s easy to see why some teams might be hesitant to sign Brown, even in light of his impressive on-field résumé. Ultimately, it will be up to each team to weigh the potential benefits and risks of bringing Brown into their locker room.


Antonio Brown’s recent social media activity has generated considerable speculation about his future plans, with many fans and analysts predicting that he could sign with the Baltimore Ravens in the near future. While a Ravens signing would undoubtedly be a major coup for the team, there are plenty of concerns about Brown’s past behavior that could make some teams hesitant to bring him on board.

Regardless of whether Brown ultimately signs with the Ravens or another team, his recent social media teases serve as a reminder of his ongoing relevance and star power in the NFL. Fans will undoubtedly continue to monitor his social media channels in the coming weeks and months, eager to see where he ends up next.
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