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Ravens fans on edge as Antonio Brown hints at joining the team

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Ravens Fans on Edge as Antonio Brown Hints at Joining the Team

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the most successful and popular teams in the National Football League (NFL), known for their innovative offense, impressive defense, and passionate fan base. Led by dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson and experienced coach John Harbaugh, the Ravens have won two Super Bowl championships and numerous division titles, while also cultivating a reputation for developing young talent and adapting to changing circumstances. However, as the Ravens prepare for the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social justice protests, they face a potentially controversial and risky decision: whether to sign Antonio Brown as a free agent wide receiver.

Brown, 32, is one of the most talented and productive receivers in NFL history, with seven Pro Bowl selections, four First-Team All-Pro honors, and over 11,000 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns in his ten-year career. However, Brown has also become infamous for his off-field issues, including alleged assaults, domestic violence, and inappropriate behavior towards women and children. Brown has been released by three teams in the past year, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and New England Patriots, amid disputes over his conduct, contract, and compliance with league policies. Brown is also currently facing criminal charges in Florida and civil lawsuits from former partners, including one who accused him of rape and sexual assault.

Despite these serious concerns, Brown has attracted interest from several teams, including the Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have been mentioned as a possible destination for Brown by various sources, including Brown himself on social media. Brown has posted several videos on Instagram and Twitter of him working out with Jackson, hinting at a potential reunion with his former Steelers teammate and close friend. Brown has also posted messages praising the Ravens’ offense and expressing his desire to play for them, although some of his comments have been deleted or criticized by Ravens fans, players, and analysts.

The possibility of Brown joining the Ravens has sparked a heated debate among the team’s supporters, media, and leadership, as well as the larger NFL audience. Some argue that Brown’s talent could greatly enhance the Ravens’ passing game, which has relied heavily on tight end Mark Andrews and the running backs, as well as create mismatches and distractions for opposing defenses. Some also point out that the Ravens have a history of giving second chances to players with troubled backgrounds, such as Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, and Terrell Suggs, and that Brown deserves a fair opportunity to prove himself and redeem his reputation.

However, many others oppose the idea of Brown joining the Ravens, citing his alleged crimes and his disruptive behavior on and off the field. Some question whether Brown can still perform at a high level after his recent struggles with injuries, suspensions, and legal issues, and whether his ego and antics could clash with Jackson’s humble and team-oriented leadership style. Some also worry that the Ravens’ image and culture could be tarnished by associating with someone who has shown little remorse or accountability for his actions, and whose behavior could alienate fans, sponsors, and partners.

The Ravens’ decision regarding Brown could have significant consequences for the team’s performance and reputation, as well as for the broader issues of social justice, domestic violence, and player conduct in the NFL. The Ravens have already faced criticism for their initial response to the killing of George Floyd by police officers, which some perceived as too vague and mild. The Ravens have since taken more explicit and concrete actions to support racial equality and social change, including donating $1 million to local organizations, forming a social justice committee, and encouraging voter registration. However, the Ravens still have much to do to address the systemic racism and inequality that affects their community and their league, and to earn the trust and respect of their diverse fan base.

To better understand the perspectives and emotions of Ravens fans regarding the Antonio Brown saga, we can look at some examples and comments from various sources:

– Twitter: Many Ravens fans and analysts have expressed their opinions about Brown on social media, using hashtags like #TrustTheProcess or #NoAB. Some cite statistics or highlights of Brown’s career to support their arguments, while others share articles or videos that expose his alleged misconduct. Some use humor or sarcasm to mock the idea of Brown joining the Ravens, while others use anger or frustration to condemn the potential move. Here are some sample tweets:

“Antonio Brown can catch a ball. But can he catch a break from himself?”
“I hope the Ravens stay miles away from AB. We don’t need that mess.”
“I’ll take Hollywood Brown over Antonio Brown any day. We don’t need a diva.”
“If the Ravens sign AB, I’m done with this team. I can’t support domestic abusers.”
“I don’t care how good Antonio Brown is. His character is toxic and we don’t need that here.”

– Polls: Some media outlets have conducted polls or surveys to gauge the fans’ opinions on Brown. The results are not conclusive, as different polls may have different methods, samples, or biases. However, they can provide us with some insights into the diversity and intensity of fans’ views. For instance, a poll by The Athletic in May 2020 found that 60% of Ravens fans were against signing Brown, while 25% were in favor and 15% were neutral. A poll by Ravens Wire in June 2020 had a similar outcome, with 58% against and 29% in favor of signing Brown.

– Podcasts: Some Ravens fans and analysts have discussed the Antonio Brown topic at length on podcasts, which allow for more nuanced and detailed arguments and interactions. One example is the Baltimore Beatdown podcast from SB Nation, which featured a debate between two hosts with different views on Brown. The pro-Brown host argued that Brown is the best receiver available, that he and Jackson would be a dominant duo, and that the Ravens can handle his personality. The anti-Brown host countered that Brown is a liability, a distraction, and a moral compromise, and that the Ravens should stick with their values and avoid him.

– Articles: Some journalists and bloggers have also written articles or op-eds about the Antonio Brown situation, aiming to inform or persuade the readers about the pros and cons of signing him. Some articles provide in-depth analysis of Brown’s football skills and his fit with the Ravens’ system, while others delve into his personal history and legal troubles. Some articles try to balance the conflicting factors and find a middle ground, while others take a clear stance and argue for or against Brown. Here are some excerpts from selected articles:

– From “Antonio Brown Could Be Tempting Choice for Baltimore Ravens” by Todd Karpovich on

“In a perfect world, Brown would be a welcome addition for the Ravens. His ability to create separation, catch difficult passes and stretch the field would add a new dimension to Baltimore’s already prolific attack. […] The Ravens are masterful at utilizing their personnel to maximize their abilities, and Brown would be no exception.”

– From “Ravens Should Avoid Antonio Brown, Despite His Talent” by Jamison Hensley on

“The Ravens shouldn’t be tempted to add the disgruntled, drama-filled Brown to an organization that has built a reputation for selecting high-character players. […] A team that wants to win one of the greatest prizes in sports should be looking to improve the locker room, not unnecessarily add a distraction.”

– From “Baltimore Ravens Don’t Need Antonio Brown, And Frankly Neither Do We” by Ian Schwartz on

“Ravens fans deserve better than a guy who leaves teams in shambles, dresses up like a muppet, and is the subject of multiple lawsuits. […] While he might be talented, he’s not worth the trouble. The Ravens can find success by sticking to what’s worked for them, without having to bring in Antonio Brown.”

– From “Should the Baltimore Ravens sign Antonio Brown?” by John Eisenberg on

“From a football standpoint, you could see how signing Brown would be enticing. […] But you have to think it through – the Ravens’ risk/reward equation, their priorities and goals, the toxicity that accompanies Brown. It’s not worth it. […] In the end, his antics and baggage are too heavy, and the fit is not right. The Ravens can do better.”

As we can see, Ravens fans have diverse and passionate opinions about the possibility of Antonio Brown joining the team. Some are excited about his talent and potential impact on the offense, while others are wary of his character and potential harm to the team’s identity and culture. Some argue from a football perspective, while others from a moral or social perspective. Some use logic, statistics, or facts, while others use emotions, values, or anecdotes. To understand the complexity and importance of this debate, we must consider all these elements and respect the diversity of views and experiences of Ravens fans and stakeholders. In the end, the Ravens’ decision on Antonio Brown will not only affect their on-field performance, but also their off-field reputation, their relationship with their fans and partners, and their contribution to the broader social and political issues of our time. The stakes are high, and the risks and rewards are uncertain. The Ravens must choose wisely.
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